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Pictures from ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowedge. Left: with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal recieving my ThetaHealing® Master Certification 2017, Middle: with a favorite sign 2016, Right: with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal recieving my ThetaHealing® Master Certification 2016

ThetaHealing® Class Certifications: View ThetaHealing® Practitioner database, View ThetaHealing® Certification Descriptions
Basic DNA 10/2012
Advanced DNA 4/2013
Manifesting and Abundance 6/2013
Intuitive Anatomy 10/2013
Animal Seminar 10/2013
Game Of Life 4/2014
Rhythm To A Perfect Weight 4/2014
Soul Mate Seminar 4/2014
Plant Seminar 5/2014
Basic DNA Instructors 6/2014
Advanced DNA Instructors 6/2014
Animal Seminar Instructors 6/2014
Manifesting and Abundance Instructors 6/2014
Plant Seminar Instructors 6/2014
Rhythm To A Perfect Weight Instructors 6/2014
Soul Mate Seminar Instructors 6/2014
Diseases and Disorders 3/2015
DNA3 3/2015
Game Of Life Instructors 9/2015
Wealth Consciousness 9/2015
Planes Of Existense 9/2015
World Relations 10/2015
Dig Deeper Insdtructors 6/2016
Manifesting and Abundance Instructors 6/2016
World Relations Instructors 6/2016
Intuitive Anatomy Instructors 6/2016
Rainbow Children Instructors 7/2016
ThetaHealing® Master 7/2016
Disease and Disorder Instructors 8/2017
DNA3 Instructors 9/2017
ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science 9/2017
Growing Your Relationships 1- You and Your Signigicant Other 2/2018
Growing Your Relationships 1- You and Your Signigicant Other Instructors 2/2018
Growing Your Relationships 2- You and the Creator 2/2018
Growing Your Relationships 2- You and the Creator Instructors 2/2018

My Specialities and Certifications
Weight Control and Reduction: Whatever your expeience has been with weight issues, I can help. Even if my experience has been completely different than yours, I am able to help by connecting to the divine, helping you remember your own divine connection, and get past whatever blocks have been in the way.

To some people getting rid of extra pounds are about vanity, not spiritual growth or becoming a healthier person from the inside out. This is not meant as a judgement of anyone because I have been there myself. I could go on but the fact is that for three quarters of my life I have been involved in sports, martial arts, weight lifting, and for a few years I taught water aerobics. I've learned about good supplements and not so good ones. I have lots of life experience in nutrition, fitness and weight management. My knowledge in these areas, even without formal training or certification, is enough to help most people noticably improve their fitness level and physical condition. I believe that with just a few simple changes, the average person can become a lot healthier. A ThetaHealing® session or Seminar is an ideal complement to anyone's fitness routine, or a step on the journey of getting healthy enough to work out regularly

Animal Communication and Well Being: ThetaHealing® works very well for animals. My own cat passed at age 18 from kidney failure and ThetaHealing® was helpful to both of us. It helped me deal with losing him and helped him to be as comfortable as possible up to the end. I can't take credit for how nice and calm he was with the veterinarian and the rest of the staff there, that was just his nature. But being able to let him know what was going on and do ThetaHealing® for him helped him to be his usual sweet self in spite of all the trips to the vet and while following the veterinarian's instructions. His veterinarian commented that she was surprised that a cat with his bloodwork would be doing as well as he was. It was also because of ThetaHealing that I was able to develop my intuition to the point that I could recognize the signs that the soul of my cat had returned. When I was ready to adopt again and planned to get another older cat from the shelter, as soon as I walked in I saw a kitten with his eyes and similar behavior. Since bringing her home I've seen many signs confirming the soul had returned.

Since 1995 I've done volunteer work for various animal rescue organizations. This began when I was renting and having my own pet wasn't an option and I wanted to be around animals.The habit stuck with me after moving into my own place and having pets again, as it's very fulfilling to help animals who are without a permanent home. My cats and aquarium fish have taught me valuable lessons in how to understand them and how to help them understand me. What my cats taught me about communicating with them is one of the techniques I later learned in ThetaHealing®.

Relationships: I have studied a lot about this topic since getting divorced to avoid future relationship problems. That said, many "experts" offer one-size-fits-all advise, which doesn't help much beyond some basic, common sense things. Most experts don't take into account the individual and the importance of finding their unique and most compatible soulmate and instead push the individual towards mass appeal which might be unappealing to their unique amd most compatible soulmate. In ThetaHealing® we are taught to connect with Source, or Creator to determine the best way to help someone. What I've learned about attracting people, dating, and relationships is useful for advice and additional beliefs and feelings, if someone needs help with that after working through Creator to make the needed changes for happy relationships to come more easily to that individual.

The subconscious mind can perpetuate relationship problems that don't serve us, even after we become aware of them and consciously put effort into changing them. ThetaHealing® sessions and Seminars, especially the Soulmate Seminar, are a wonderfully effective way of making needed changes to the subconscious to allow joyful relationships to be a reality.

Law of Attraction: One of the most important things I learned in my first ThetaHealing® class is that the when subconscious blocks are removed or changed, manifesting what we focus on happens more quickly. The more we clear our blocks the more important it is to avoid focusing on the negative and be careful with our thoughts. This doesn't mean ignore problems, it means you deal with them but keep a mindset of gratitude for all the good in life. Understanding that Law of Attraction is much more than the movie "The Secret" and being able to visualize with appropriate emotions goes along way to creating the reality we choose rather than allowing our subconscious to continue making that choice for us. With just what I know of Law of Attraction I've been able to help people understand the importance of their words and thoughts and make positive changes. During a ThetaHealing® session these beneficial changes can be made in an instant and many changes can be made during a session. Lives can change for the better much more quickly.

Working with Crystals and Gemstones: Since I was a child I loved making jewelry. I still enjoy it now and sell jewelry that I make on my website, nh-jewelry.com. I've also received certification for Crystal Remote Viewing Sessions which give amazing information on past lives and from that we can recieve tremendous healings of past life issues.

Aromatherapy: Plants are one way of connecting with the energetic vibration needed to clear illness or trauma and have been used for all kinds of effective remedies for thousands of years. I've studied the folklore associated with essential oils since 1997 and have created some effective blends for stress relief, energizing, energy clearing and more. Recently I've become aware of how much better in quality the Young Living brand of essential oils are after comparing them to the oils I'd been using for years. And the other oils were pretty effective so this says a lot. If you're already familiar with Young Living essential oils and wish to get their oils at a wholesale discount of 24% off, please click here.

B.A. in Psychology: Since early on in grade school I had the rare ability to keep secrets when I was asked not to repeat something. I didn't understand why then, but the friends I had all came to me for advice and always told me I gave very good advice. As I got older I decided to go into a career in psychology. I studied it in college and finished the degree I started but I became discouraged with psychology as a career choice as I didn't feel it was the best way for me to help others. I made a few more changes to my career choice in college and since, but friends still came to me for advice and told me I gave great advice. Later on I realized I was able to help people heal by listening to them, but I found that this was very draining emotionally and even physically. Thankfully I learned to create boundaries and distance myself from people who took advantage of my time and get a better balance of helping friends verses letting someone know when they need professional help. In ThetaHealing® we are taught, by going through Creator, how to heal people without feeling drained afterwards. I know there are excellent therapists who do not get drained and my intent is not to disparage or discourage anyone from that path. I have a lot of respect for everyone who studies the mind with the intention of healing people. At the time I was considering psychology as a career I didn't think it would be possible for me to do that work without feeling unhappy or drained. I don't remember learning anything in college about how to avoid feeling tired or overwhelmed after dealing with clients, perhaps I was asleep in class that day or its taught later in graduate studies. I'm grateful for Vianna's work and the wonderful ThetaHealing® instructors who have gotten me to where I needed to be to help people like I've always wanted to do, in a way that is beneficial and enjoyable to me as well as the person I'm helping.

Naomi Harel

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