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Naomi Harel, Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Certified Body Process Practitioner

What do I love about Access Consciousness, and what inspired me to learn it now?

About 10 years ago when I first heard of Access Consciousness, it really didn't resonate much. The Clearing Statement confused me, as it is intended to do. I judged what seemed at the time to be "strangeness" of it, and didn't think it could do much for me. What this shows me is that judgments were holding me back a lot more then. Not just that I used to be judgmental myself, but that I was judging myself quite harshly and expected others to do the same. There is a reason that the saying about being one's own worst critic applies to so many.. And we can stop it and do things differently. A few years ago I heard of Access Consciousness again in a different context through other healers who loved their results with this modality. Being inspired, curious and always wanting to learn more, and having let go of enough judgement, I booked a session. It was good but not life changing, so I forgot about it again.

Recently during quarantine I've been inspired to learn as much as possible. These are such "interesting times" that we need every advantage available to us. When Access Consciousness was on my radar again, and there are no coincidences, I looked into it again. At this point in time, after learning to judge so much less than I had before, I could notice a difference when using the Clearing Statement and see how amazing it is for quickly clearing energetic blocks and creating new realities. Of course that same week I found a Bars class nearby. And within minutes after registering for the Access Bars class, I had a registration for a seminar I teach in my primary modality, giving me confirmation that both will continue to be important for me. Shortly after that I began looking into additional classes. The Foundation and Body classes that were scheduled for fun places I wanted to visit were cancelled. Shortly after that I saw that I could take Foundation online and an even more advanced Body class closer to home.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved puzzles. I see the different ways of working with energy as puzzle pieces that fit together, creating amazing multidimensional energetic changes. I will be certified as an Access Facelift Practitioner soon. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to get a space for the required sessions I have to do for certification.

Access Bars is a process to clear away stress and trauma, described as a reset for the mind. Everyone experiences it differently. Dain Heer, the co-creator of Access Consciousness, got relief from feeling suicidal and was happy again after years of depression. Personally I found the process to be very relaxing, and I love that there is a simple way to work on PTSD during the Bars session.

Access Bars Session
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Access Consciousness Body Processes
By listening to what your cells require, your customized session is created. The body processes are energizing, relaxing, soothing and create positive change. Stuck energy gets cleared, beneficial energies are created. Even as a very healthy individual, during my three days of certification training I noticed more energy and contentment, lots of a-ha's, and awareness of old issues being released.

Access Body Processes Session
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Naomi Harel