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Planes of Existence: In Person August 4-8 2022
If you haven't found the seminar you need at a convenient time, please contact me to request other dates. (5 Days)
Vianna says this is her favorite of all of her classes. The Planes of Existence is the wellspring of philosophy that is behind all the seminar and books of ThetaHealing®. By learning the structure of the Planes of Existence, Vianna was shown that it was possible to create new realities in this lifetime and why she was creating difficult situations in her life. The Planes of Existence Seminars is the quantum mechanics of metaphysics. In this seminar, Vianna will take you into dimensions beyond this universe… to what she believes to be the beginnings of life itself. Vianna will take you on a journey that leads outward past the universe … to offer the conception that with a theta state of mind it is possible to go beyond the speed of light with the power of thought …to connect to a divine energy before it becomes anything in this universe. Through each of the Planes of Existence you experience a wealth of information and exercises that enhance each of the planes. As a student you will experience the connection of the Seventh Plane to the Creator of All That is, through the six plane learning about the wisdom of the laws and virtues, the 5th plane of angels and ascended masters, dimensions and alternate realities, to the fourth plane of the ancestors and learning, to the third plane of humans and why we do what we do, the second plane of the plants and their healing properties, and the first plane of the rocks and the Earth and Land records and start the process of developing your own self-mastery. All LiveYourMiracles.com Seminar packages include reduced Earlybird registration on all future classes and ThetaHealing session Student rate, 60 min sessions at the 30 min session price.
Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Seven Planes of Existence Book, Amazing local parks and places to interact with wonderful earth formations. animals and plants when we cover planes 1-3.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and The Creator and Intuitive Anatomy *OR*
Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and The Creator, You and Your Inner Circle, World Relations
Tuition: $1111 Earlybird Registration with Deposit or Seminar Paid in Full 30 days or more before class, $1222 Regular Registration 30 days or less until class.

Reserve your space for the seminar with the deposit or paid in full options. If deposit is selected, the remainder is due before start time of the seminar or by the Earlybird deadline for the Earlybird rate. The deposit portion of seminar tuition goes towards reserving the class location and is non-refundable.

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Planes of Existence Seminar

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