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Game Of Life: In Person

If you haven't found the seminars you need at a convenient time, please contact me to request dates or to host a seminar in your area. (3 Days)
Class will start a little early and finish in time for fireworks on the 4th! This 3-day course was designed based on real-life success cases and gives an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs and instill hundreds of feelings to achieve greater success in life and business. Vianna has partnered with Hiro in an endeavor to unite spirituality and business, and this seminar is one of the first products from the effort, available through the ThetaHealing technique.

Topics include:
>Belief work – Practical Approach
>Free yourself from parent obligations
>Release traumas
>Get accepted by society
>Handle peer pressure
>Receive infinite abundance
>Grow your business as you wish
>Get ready to succeed
>Get excited
>Visioning and Manifestation

This course started in Japan 2010 and at THInK in 2011. Hiroyuki Miyazaki (a.k.a. Hiro) is the representative of Japan ThetaHealing. In two years of his tenure, Japan ThetaHealing achieved 900% growth in the organization and increased public recognition through various advertisements, bringing ThetaHealing as one of the most popular healing modalities in Japan. Before ThetaHealing, Hiro worked in financial industry for 17 years, demonstrated his strength of managing large projects in multi-cultural environment. Back in those days, Hiro discovered that business performance is largely affected by people's limiting beliefs, where he succeeded in achieving major performance increase through application of ThetaHealing. Hiro strongly believes that anyone can improve business performance by ThetaHealing technique.

All LiveYourMiracles.com Seminar packages include reduced early bird registration fees for all future classes, and ThetaHealing session Student rate, 60 min sessions at the 30 min session price.
Includes: Game of Life Practitioners Manual This seminar is taught in 3 consecutive days. Prerequisites:Basic DNA, Advanced DNA
Tuition: $555 Earlybird Registration with 30 days or more before class for USA classes, $595 Regular Registration with less than 30 days before class. For Taiwan classes please visit AnnsLifeCoaching.com to register.

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Game of Life Earlybird

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