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DNA3: December 3-7, 2021 Online

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We are in the times that this class was created for! Learn how to work with the elements, move physical objects with your mind, clear your deepest issues, and let go of the limitation of anything being "impossible." (5 Days)
DNA 3 is the long awaited class for advanced ThetaHealing students. It teaches you the knowledge of how to work on non-organic and organic matter and the awareness that we can step out of our own paradigm and quickly get beneficial changes to health and wellbeing using the mitochondria of the DNA; whilst also mastering the knowing that everyone is creating their reality, and with the proper knowledge, can step out of it at will.

Class processes include deep resentment and belief work to know thyself; intuitively lining up the Eternal Molecules; spiritual bi-location; understanding the energy fields of non-organic material and the power of our words to manifest our reality.

Practitioners who have taken this class have really appreciated the immediate and very noticeable improvements in their intuitive abilities. Life can take on a new ease as you practice these unique teachings for yourself and your clients, and you’ll discover the true potential of your wonderful mind. This class offers an impressive expansion of our ThetaHealing skills and is highly recommended for Practitioners that wish to live in a continual 7th Plane knowingness and connection to the Creator of All That Is.

This seminar is filled with lots of hands on exercises to learn about how to help shift our world around us. Learn how to create your own reality while releasing the blocks that are holding you back from creating that reality.

All LiveYourMircles.com Seminar packages include Earlybird reduced registration fees for all future classes and the ThetaHealing session Student rate, 60 min session for the 30 min session price.
This seminar is taught in 5 consecutive days.
Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing DNA 3 Practitioners Manual
Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, *OR*
Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and Your Significant Other, You and The Creator, You and Your Inner Circle, You and The Earth, World Relations
Tuition: $1111 Earlybird Registration 30 days or more before class, $1222 Regular Registration less than 30 days before class
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DNA3 Seminar

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