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Relationship Healing with the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Are you living the romantic life you really want? If not, would you like to know how you can change that?

Whether you're already in a relationship and want a deeper connection with your partner, or haven't met your soulmate yet, this workshop can make a difference for you.

Our subconscious beliefs are responsible for 95% of our thought energy that creates our reality. Even if you understand the process of manifesting and are consciously creating your reality, your hidden unconscious, or subconscious beliefs may be different from and cancel out your intentions. This can show up as patterns in relationships, or life in general, where you want to make changes but the results you get are difficult, very little, or none at all, even with lots of effort and intention.

ThetaHealing® is an amazing energy healing modality that makes changes to subconscious beliefs and can create new feelings in an instant. Feelings are important to include with the new beliefs. Most new concepts, like speaking in front of a group, take time for the brain to adjust to and become familiar with, but with ThetaHealing® we can instantly create the feeling and teach the brain without having to wait months or years for it to become familiar or normal.

Using the ThetaHealing® technique, we'll release subconscious beliefs that have been preventing the romantic connection you want and create new feelings that support your improved romantic life. These beliefs and feelings will be determined by guidance from Source, that are the best for every attending the event. You'll learn the ThetaHealing® meditation technique for yourself and discounted ThetaHealing® sessions will be available for those who want to go more in depth after the event. Join us Saturday, Oct 14, 5-7pm and see what changes in your world.

Facilitated by Naomi Harel, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science and Master Instructor

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