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Thank you for your interest in learning ThetaHealing®.
Scholarships are offered in the event of financial hardship. Please only ask for a scholarship if you are experiencing financial difficulty, or if invited to request a scholarship for another reason.

By requesting a scholarship, you agree to keep all details of your scholarship confidential. Scholarships may be granted or not on a case by case basis, and can vary from a small percentage to a full scholarship.

Please email your answers to the following questions to Naomi(at)LiveYourMiracles(dot)com

1. Why do you need a scholarship?
2. What steps are you taking to change your circumstances now, besides looking into ThetaHealing? Or for a scholarship offer based on past attendance of my classes, please list which classes you have attended with me.
3. If you were to receive a scholarship, how will you "pay it forward" and give back in some way?

Please also email or call 336-701-0177 if you have any questions and please call if you haven't gotten a reply within 3 days, just to be sure I received your request. Thank you!

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